Herbs By Condition

Herbs are a part of a holistic approach to wellness.
Herbs by Condition is a helpful guide in choosing the right herbs for you!
Explore our herbs by condition categories for a list of suggested herbsherbal extracts, capsules and teas to treat a variety of conditions.

Bee Pollen
Herb Pharm Pollen Defense (Tincture/Extract)
Milk Thistle Seeds
* Milk Thistle Seed Capsules

* Consult a physician for use with children younger than 1-year-old.
* Herb Pharm Kids Tinctures dosage included on each bottle.

* Catnip
* Chamomile
* Herb Pharm Kids Ear Oil (T)
* Herb Pharm Kids Echinacea (T) Herb Pharm Tummy TLC (T)
* Herb Pharm Kids Black Elderberry (T)
* Herb Pharm Kids Captain Concentrate (T)
* Herb Pharm Lemon Balm Calm (T)

* Black Cohosh (induce labor)
* Blue Cohosh (induce labor)
* Blessed Thistle (postpartum)
* Chaste Tree Berry (postpartum)
* Clary Sage EO (induce labor)
* Fenugreek (postpartum)
* Fenugreek Capsules (postpartum)
* Herb Pharm Mother’s Lactation (postpartum) (Tincture/Extract)
* Nettles
* Primrose Gel Capsules (dilation)
* Red Raspberry Leaf
* Red Raspberry Leaf Capsules

* Chlorella
* Hemp Seed
* Rosehips
* Vitamin E Oil (External Use)
* Wheatgrass

* Alfalfa Leaf
* Chlorella
* Wheatgrass

* Blessed Thistle
* Chamomile
* Chaparral Leaf
* Cleavers
* Goldenrod
* Gravel Root
* Pau D Arco Bark
* Shavegrass
* Uva Ursi

* Barley Grass Powder
* Bladderwrack
* Chickweed
* Hibiscus Flower
* Spirulina
* Spirulina Capsules
* Weight Loss Tea
* Weight Loss Powder Formula