Volcanic Lava Stone Skull ~

Lava Stone is a molten rock formed from magma by a volcano during an eruption. Lava stones has a strong connection to the Earth, used for grounding and protection. Activates the Root Chakra offering balance, stability and strength.
Symbolism & Meaning:
✨ Crystal skulls are tools that awaken human consciousness and are seen as storehouses of information.
✨ In metaphysics, crystal skulls are used for ceremonial work, healing, energy work, and enhancing one’s psychic abilities.
✨ Crystals carved into the shape of Skulls are said to be carriers of light & power.
✨ Helps to strengthen the connection to loved ones who have passed.

*** Each piece is one of a kind. The one you receive may not be exactly the same as the picture but it will be similar.***
Measurements:     Approx   2.1/2″L x 2″W x 2.1/2″H