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Yellowdock Root


1oz:   Root $2.70                               –     Powder $2.70
2oz:   Root $4.40 ($2.20 per oz)    –     Powder $4.40 ($2.20 per oz)
4oz:   Root $7.70 ($1.92 per oz)     –     Powder $7.70 ($1.92 per oz)
8oz:   Root $14.50 ($1.81 per oz)  –      Powder $14.50 ($1.81 per oz)
16oz: Root $23.90 ($1.49 per oz)    –    Powder $23.90 ($1.49 per oz)

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Yellowdock Root ~

Botanical Name: Rumex Crispus

Removes toxins from the blood. Helps with conditions such as anemia. Reduces inflammation and cleanses the digestive system.  Encouraging production of bile to help to break down fats in the system. Diuretic and laxative properties that can help with water retention, constipation, and the removal of toxins from the body. Contains a high iron content and is readily absorbed into the blood stream. Helps to improve healthy liver function by removing toxins and other waste products. Helpful w/ conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Contains some expectorant properties and therefore can relieve symptoms of colds and other bronchial disorders.

Certified Organic


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